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Specialized Real
Estate Investments

Lonicera is a Columbus, Ohio based investment firm that

specializes in investment real estate.
The company is composed of driven and passionate people who have over 30 years of successful real estate investing experience.

$45 Million

Assets Under Management 

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Operating Cash Flow

Cash generated by a company’s normal business operations.


Operating Cash Flow will be distributed in the following manner:

Preferred Return -> Asset Management Fee -> Sponsor & Investor Share.



Preferred Return

A profit distribution preference whereby profits are distributed to the investor until a certain rate of return on the initial investment is reached.

Asset Management Fee

The cost of having the assets professionally managed by Lonicera Management.

If the operating cash flow cannot cover both the preferred return and the asset management fee, the asset management fee is accrued.

Above Preferred Return


The excess after the preferred return and asset management fee are paid. Any remaining cash from the operating cash flow will be distributed according to the investor/sponsor splits.

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