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Real Estate Investing for Steady Cash Flow

Specialized Real Estate Investments

Company Profile

Lonicera was created with a goal to build wealth for our accredited families, friends, and ourselves. We find investments that cultivate high returns and add real value. We believe in our own projects and choose to invest our personal capital into each fund. With a clear vision for the future based on our principles of quality, innovation and integrity, we are fully committed to the success of everything we manage.

With over 30 years of real estate investment experience, we have gained the wisdom to operate through all types of market conditions and cycles. Lonicera’s investment strategy includes many aspects of real estate including acquisition, re-positioning, financing, property management, and value add opportunities. Our company owns, manages, and develops a growing portfolio of commercial properties.

Real estate continues to appreciate in value over time.


Steady cash flow with rental activities. 

Cash Flow

Benefits of being a direct partial owner of the property while not wasting any of your time with property management.

Ownership without Management

Debt paid down with rental income letting equity continue to increase.


Lonicera Management doesn't get paid until you get paid.


Income, deductions and depreciation passed through.

Tax Efficiency

Ready to Invest?

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